Clown Smiles

Clown Events

We do birthday parties, Weddings, Company picnics, Tailgates, Recitals, Christmas parties, etc.


After the grand entrance, I immediately make your special child a birthday balloon hat.Then all of the children receive a balloon sculpture. I can make hundreds of different balloon sculptures. Then, the children get their faces painted using the finest quality hypo-allergenic face paints. Usually 1 hour is sufficient for 6 - 12 children. I can also perform comedy clown magic as a 10 minute program. I also can provide party favors in the form of "bookmark buddies".(stuffed animals with a stretchy bookmark body at $1.50 each ).

Company events

Coco and I often work together on these busy events. I also perform meet and greets and walk-abouts with sight gags and juggling. If you have a large event that needs many performers, I know most of the performers in the "biz" I also play the violin and am happy to perform a comedy interlude for childrens recitals.

bookmark buddies

Clown and violin